Outstanding Teamship

through Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally Intelligent teams share...

Common tools for overcoming challenges.
Confidence for the bold moves and the tough moments.
Continuity to travel together and achieve more.

Emotional intelligence and the team...

Enjoying Trust

glorious isolation...?

Please show me how

or help where needed?

"unwillingness to be vulnerable within the group makes it impossible to build a foundation for trust..."

Patrick Lencioni, 2011

Embracing Conflict

superficial harmony... ?

Please show me how

or... productive dialogue ?

"incapable of engaging in unfiltered and passionate debate of ideas, Instead, they resort to veiled discussions and guarded comments."

Patrick Lencioni, 2011

Showing Commitment

showing up...?

Please show me how

or being present ?

"Without having aired their opinions team members rarely, if ever, buy in and commit to decisions, though they may feign agreement in meetings."

Patrick Lencioni, 2011

Accepting Accountability

following your own course.. ?

Please show me how

or... sharing progress ?

"Without committing to a clear plan of action,...people often hesitate to call their peers on actions and behaviours that seem counterproductive to the good of the team."

Patrick Lencioni, 2011

Focusing on Results

barely surviving... ?

Please show me how

or really thriving ?

"occurs when team members put their own individual needs....or even the needs of their divisions above the collective goals of the team."

Patrick Lencioni, 2011

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