Assessment & Feedback

for the Emotionally Intelligent

Our rôle is to partner you on your E-I journey...

First: the (only) technical part

1: your 25-minute online questionnaire

2 (recommended): let others have their say...

“...self-actualising individuals have superior awareness of their own impulses, desires, opinions, and subjective reactions in general .”

Abraham Mazlow

Second: the Report(s)

EQ-i 2.0 ® – your personal profile

DOWNLOAD a SAMPLE EQ-i 2.0® report here…

The EQ-360 – your colleagues’ insights

DOWNLOAD a SAMPLE EQ-360 report here…

The EQ-i 2.0® is composed of 133 items and is self-reporting… Each of the 16 scales is individually scored, as is each of the five realms. Finally a total score is obtained. Rather like an IQ, this ranges up or down from 100.

Third: the Conversation

“…objective feedback and tailored coaching allow the coachee to go further in their goals, and address more of them, far more quickly than they could by working alone.”

Important to know…

British Psychological Society disclosures.

We are not psychologists. We are Coaches. As administrators of the products of MHS-Inc, however, we are ethically governed by the BPS for all matters pertaining to the tests. Any questions or complaints about our practice standards not adequately or timely resolved by ourselves should be addressed to them, here:

In our practice , we undertake always to hold to these BPS principles:

  • Purpose of the Assessments – they are solely for the Client’s personal use and growth
  • Informed Consent – no action is taken without prior written agreement
  • Release of Test Data – these are private and direct to the Client only, further disclosure is at the Client’s sole discretion. Specifically, we will NOT release them to your employer or financial sponsor
  • Interpreting Assessment Results – we are qualified and will be thorough and comprehensive in our feedback
  • Explaining Assessment Results – we will provide clear and accurate explanation of the results, to allow personal Actions to be formed.

A full outline of BPS Ethical guidelines may be downloaded, here:


Your results (test protocol and report) are viewed only by those responsible for their preparation and for delivery of feedback to you. All information is regarded and treated as strictly confidential. Following your feedback session an electronic copy of your report will be stored by Transform Partners in line with Data Protection laws. Your computerised results are maintained in Multi-Health System’s database, strictly on an anonymous basis, for use in future research that involves the EQ-i 2.0 ® and EQ360.

All information you share with your EQ Consultant is confidential and subject to rules regarding privileged communication between qualified psychometric professionals and you, the client.  If any aspect of your results is discussed with others who are not directly involved in the provision of feedback, such as for consultation or teaching purposes, no identifying information is disclosed.

Exceptions to Confidentiality
There are five situations in which reporting are compulsory by law:

  1. Suspicion of child abuse.
  2. Indication of intent to commit suicide or physically harm others.
  3. Indication of previous/present sexual abuse by any other regulated health professional.
  4. Subpoena by the court.
  5. Fraudulent use of Health Card.


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