Welcometo your EQi 

EQi – the Emotional Intelligence quotient – is the single most effective framework for releasing the potential of individuals and teams.

There are a variety of payment options for individuals and teams, engagements that create lifetime habits of self-coaching. I doubt that there is a wiser investment for any high-talent individual who cares about the consistency of their growth through time.

Welcome to my site. Please use it to inform yourself of EQi. Then please connect in some way. I am passionate to spread the news.

Improved EQ will…

Grow key people…

Common Sense was never so prized

The EQi assessments:

  • Ground it in science
  • Bring it to light
  • Put it on paper
  • Set it on an upward trajectory
  • Embed it as habit
  • Balance and tune it
  • Track and celebrate it
  • Apply it for real world prosperity

Secure the future…

A lifetime of Return

Assessment and Coaching:

  • Develops personal Action Plans
  • Signposts foundational skills
  • Reinforces the great
  • Enhances the needful
  • Builds positive habits
  • Sets a whole-life pattern
  • Delivers resilience
  • Unlocks resourcefulness

Serving you

Standard of Care:

TPL always

  • Offer bounded, fixed-price engagements with appropriate break-points
  • Focus on the original brief
  • Protect the privacy of all clients
  • Provide full accountability to sponsors

TPL never

  • Go on fishing-trips or extend discovery phases unnecessarily
  • Disclose private consultations with any third party
  • “Stretch” the scope of work
  • Take on work beyond our capability

Scale & Capacity

  • This is an associate practice, partnered with

for larger-scale engagements

  • Together, we stand ready for departmental and enterprise-wide projects, and offer practitioner certifications in PRINCE2, MoP, ITIL and ISEB as assurance of our project, programme and change competencies.

Why Transform Partners? Some testimonials

  • Ian was instrumental in developing cohesion within the team and energising team members in their personal managerial style and personal mission. He initiated and upheld our engagement with the EQi program where we saw some significant progress in our interactions and professionalism… For this I am extremely grateful....

    MD, Line Manager

  • Ian is a delight to work with; ethical, honest, caring and passionate about his work, he strives to help clients achieve their aims. Sensitive and responsive, he takes personal interest in his work, colleagues and clients.

    Senior Solutions Provider

  • Ian is a great colleague to work with and never loses his sense of humour that supports a good atmosphere within the team. I would love to work with him in a team again.

    Senior Consultant (supplier)

  • Ian is a strong project manager capable of working in difficult circumstances… where sensitivity to cultural differences was important. He was also tireless in overcoming the numerous obstacles that arise in multiple international implementations…. set high standards for himself and his team, including the requirements for formal certification

    Business Owner – Central/Eastern Europe

  • Ian is extremely professional, organised, efficient and very focussed… We had an excellent communication plan in place and I had utmost confidence that Ian was responding to our needs in a timely manner… I would happily work with you again and have absolute confidence that any project you manage will be delivered to the client's high expectations

    Finance Manager (client)

Assessment & Coaching for Emotional Intelligence
People and Teams

Transform Partners connects people with their Emotional skills.

We provide assessment, feedback and coaching for individuals and effect substantive improvements for teams, all with full accountability for sponsors.

What is Emotional Intelligence?                 How can I access the EQi?

Our Services

Assessment & feedback

For the individual, the insights offered by the 2 15-point assessments give lifetime value. They are;

Each is delivered within a relaxed, ethical framework conducive to the maximum gain.

Coaching & Training

Team-players who invest in personal growth:

  • grow together
  • collaborate better
  • perform more strongly
  • enjoy the experience more (!)
  • stick around longer

Who is it for?

Ei for You

  • How are you? Really.
  • Are you being clearly heard?
  • Are your work relationships positive, growing ?
  • Does the team benefit from the best of you?
  • How resilient do you feel?

The answers to these 5 questions lie at the heart of Emotional Intelligence – the 15 key skills most likely to yield positive improvement in your work and home life.

Ei for my Team

  • Better together   - Highly effective teams benefit from a shared language for overcoming challenges
  • From Respect to Trust -  Mutual understanding brings confidence for the bold moves and the tough moments
  • Cohesion delivers - Teams that travel together longer achieve more

Ei in the Enterprise

Imagine a workplace...

...comprised of individuals and teams at ease with and owning their emotional responses to the everyday pressures of the mission.

  • self-adjusting,
  • self-correcting,
  • self-optimising.

We provide programmes to seed this transformation to the truly Intelligent Workplace.

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